Pets and cannabis. Our experience, part 1.

Pets and Cannabis: Our Experiences, part 1

In previous blog posts we have focused on CBD consumption and its potential benefits for humans.  However, there is also growing interest and research in relation to animal health and well being and CBD.  If you are an animal lover or you are a pet owner, then this blog post is definitely for you.

All animals with the exception of insects have endocannabinoid systems. Even fish.

This means that animals have receptors for cannabinoids, including CB1 and CB2. These receptors are the means by which CBD and other cannabinoids are integrated into the body. These systems and processes are near enough a replica of what would happen in the human body.  

Research has shown that these cannabinoids receptors play an important role in maintaining health and well being, and this applies to animals and humans alike.

Because of this, people are turning to CBD as a support to conventional animal medicine and treatments.


Here at Natracanna, we all have pets, 8 dogs between us and as you can see, we also have birds, donkeys and a tortoise in the mix!  Our friend and Natracanna team member Joni, has first hand experience of working with animals for almost 10 years. 


Joni has worked in physiotherapy and veterinary services in some of the best clinics across Alicante and Valencia, with a focus on rehabilitation. Over the years, he has developed a growing interest and personal passion for CBD and cannabis and this has naturally extended into its application within the animal care setting.


When asked for a comment to sum up his experiences for the blog Joni had this to say: 

"my experience of working with CBD and animals has been consistently positive.  We have been using it for nearly 5 years and the results have been positive, always; we have 100% positive cases.  It must be detailed that I work in the area of rehabilitation and therefore it is super recommended for our animal patients.  CBD has the potential to help with common problems we have to manage on a daily basis such as pain, inflammation and mobility problems."

This merely scratches the surface on the topic of animals and potential benefits of CBD.  Look out for part 2 of our blog about pets and cannabis where we will bring you a more detailed interview from Joni.  Feel free to drop us a line at if you have further questions or ideas that you would like to see addressed in future blog posts about this topic.

Love Natracanna


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