Natracannna sponsors pro athlete Scott Mchugh

We are really excited to be writing a blog about natracanna’s recent sponsorship of fighter Scott Mchugh.

It was great to see our logo on his vest and his win was of course the icing on the cake! Congratulations Scott.


It's been a great experience for natracanna to work in partnership with Scott. As well as exposure for our brand, we felt privileged to play a part in the highly dedicated preparation for a professional competition. It is great to see forward thinking athletes like Scott, doing their own research on supplementation, and keeping up to date with constantly evolving information and research.

Many fighters have seen the potential benefits of cannabis.

Former boxing, heavyweight champion on the world, Mike Tyson has recently invested in the cannabis Industry. He opened Tyson Holistic Holdings in 2016, and more recently the Tyson Ranch. Other examples of professional combat athletes using CBD are Michael Bisping, former middleweight champion of the world in the organisation UFC. Also, Chael Sonnen former light heavyweight champion, also part of the UFC. Some of the most experienced and successful athletes in the world, are using and seeing the potential benefits in cannabis and CBD.


So we would like to say a final thanks to Scott, for partnering with us and helping to spread the natracanna word. For any other athletes out there that are interested in sponsorship, please do send us an email, to

Love natracanna

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