Introducing Team Natracanna, part 2- Rachel

Hi I’m Rachel and I’m one part of team natracanna. I am also a qualified yoga teacher and personal trainer, so I’m interested in all things related to physical and spiritual well being.  I love the sun, my dogs, and spending time at my house in rural Spain where I practice and teach yoga.


Yoga in particular has really helped me with personal growth and stress management. I love to share the things that I have learnt with other people and to watch them benefit physically and mentally too.


When I first began spending extended periods of time in Spain, I started to learn more about cannabis culture due to its legal status being more relaxed out here in the sun.  I also met James, my fellow natracanna team member and started to learn about CBD as well.


The many potential applications for CBD fascinated me as I had chosen to focus my work life around helping people make positive changes to their lives and reducing negative behaviour patterns. I loved that CBD is completely natural, plant based and it really spoke to me, fitting in with my existing beliefs and values.

For me CBD is another valued tool for dealing with the ups and downs of life. I am fortunate not to be dealing with any serious health problems at the present time. However, I still feel a desire to enhance my life as much as I can, CBD is just one of a variety of ways in which I do this.


Whilst working in London as a personal trainer and yoga teacher with a diverse client base I saw first hand how much a person’s life can be improved with simple systematic changes over time. I felt that having a nutritionally dense diet, a personally appropriate exercise regime and stress management strategies in place are really essential for living well in the modern Western world.


Lately I have become really excited about combining my two passions of CBD and yoga.  I am interested in creating retreats that offer the opportunity to bring these two life enhancing components together.  Look out for other blog posts about CBD and yoga.

Love Rachel

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