Introducing Team Natracanna!

Part 1 – James

Hi I’m James and I’m one part of team Natracanna. I love the outdoors, nature, animals, good food, fitness and all things CBD and Cannabis related.

Here’s a picture of me with my dog, Chico. I have 3 other dogs as well as donkeys and birds at my home in Spain, where I live much of the time, travelling back to the UK for Natracanna business trips.


These days I really enjoy my life but things have not always been great for me.

I grew up in South Africa, and at 16 years old I joined the British Army. I became an Infantry soldier and by 18 I was in Afghanistan.

After several years I became disillusioned and ended up leaving the army. I struggled on my own and eventually ended up homeless. I was not in a good place back then but I was lucky enough to get the chance of a fresh start.

My Nan had retired to the Spanish Campo and she bought me a plane ticket so that I could sort my head out and be in a different environment. There I had space to research the things that would really help me to process the past and move forward with my life.

It was here that I became really interested in CBD, finding accounts from other veterans that have utilised this plant to help mitigate symptoms of PTSD. I have friends who have struggled with this issue, some of whom sadly aren’t here anymore. I feel blessed that over time I was able to get back to a state of physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Looking back I am grateful for the many and varied experiences that I’ve had. Now in a better place myself I feel driven to do something that will help others. Having become personally convinced of the efficacy and uses of this plant I want to do all I can to share and raise awareness, in the hope of helping other people that might really need it too.

Love James X