Introducing Team Natracanna, part 2- Rachel

Hi I’m Rachel and I’m one part of team natracanna. I am also a qualified yoga teacher and personal trainer, so I’m interested in all things related to physical and spiritual well being

Pets and cannabis. Our experience, part 1.

In previous blog posts we have focused on CBD consumption and its potential benefits for humans.  However, there is also growing interest and research in relation to animal health and well being and CBD.  If you are an animal lover or you are a pet owner, then this blog post is definitely for you.

Natracannna sponsors pro athlete Scott Mchugh

We are really excited to be writing a blog about natracanna’s recent sponsorship of fighter Scott Mchugh.

Using CBD for PTSD(post traumatic stress disorder), anxiety and depression; Our experiences, part 1.

Here at natracanna we really value our physical health but we also recognize that our mental health is equally important.

Introducing Team Natracanna!

Part 1 – James

Hi I’m James and I’m one part of team Natracanna. I love the outdoors, nature, animals, good food, fitness and all things CBD and Cannabis related. 


CBD Basics for Beginners

What is CBD oil? Cannabidiol? What are Cannabinoids? Where does CBD Oil come from? What does CBD oil do? And what are Terpenes for that matter?!